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Fundsphere products make a significant difference in:

  • distribution efforts
  • efficiency gains
  • revenue protection
  • risk reduction
  • effective compliance
  • and ultimately everyone's satisfaction.

We support and maintain our products 24 x 7.

We are open to ideas for their improvement
as well as enriching consulting engagements.


Fundsphere Terms is a web based solution for capturing sales agreement terms between fund promoters and their counterparties. Agreements are standardized as per the Open Terms guidelines and securely stored in a central repository. Fundsphere Terms provides users with instant online access to data to easily add, update, search, share and extract sales agreement information. Fundsphere Terms flexible interface design facilitates integration with commission management, product marketing and client repository applications

eu_flag This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738697.


Fundsphere Lite TA is a B2C web front-end to back-end TA systems that allows clients to quickly enable account access via the internet. Designed mainly for shareholders, brokers, and financial advisors, it provides very simple-to-use secure real-time transaction capture and internet access to relevant TA data. Fundsphere Lite TA facilitates Straight Through Processing and provides convenient access to statements and reports.


Fundsphere Compliance TA is a PEP screening, KYC compliance, transaction monitoring, fraud attempt detection and anti-money laundering system that allows effective Transfer Agency compliance, increases operational effectiveness and lowers business risk. Its detection engine oversees TA data in real-time, automatic batch or manual mode and provides effective blacklist scrubbing, fraud alerts and account behavioral analysis. Fundsphere Compliance TA has a web-based interface and facilitates white labeling with full multi-level security that is fully configurable by the system administrator.